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Youth in Edmonton, and throughout Northern Alberta in general, are faced with great challenges. Despite a high average income due to this region’s active natural resource industry, major disparities exist between individuals who work in high-paying resource jobs and those who do not. Northern Alberta and Edmonton both present higher-than-average rates of high school non-completion, youth obesity, single-parent households, teen pregnancy, and low-income families. For many, these challenges are insurmountable, and the cycles of poverty and lack of success in school continue across generations. It is obvious that something must be done to address these issues.

Getting Involved

You can support the future of YONA by donating money, time, or instruments. When you give, you put a musical instrument in the hands of a child. This can become so much more than a simple vessel for sound – it can become an instrument for growth, development, and change. Every gift, great or small, makes a difference in the life of a child and contributes to social change in our community.

Community Support