Who funds YONA?

Seed funding was provided by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, glasswaters, the Edmonton Community Foundation, the La Bruyère Fund, and private donations.

YONA-Sistema is seeking further financial support from various entities, including government, private donors, foundations, corporate sponsors, and partner groups (for in-kind donations). Individual donors have provided major support for this program, both financially and through volunteering. In order to ensure ongoing stable support and funding, we will continue to pursue and maintain strong partnerships with community groups and to conduct outcome-based research on YONA-Sistema and its impact. We engage in regular communication with all funding sources and stakeholders, and take every opportunity possible to demonstrate the results of the program to them.

Current Partnership

YONA-Sistema’s partnership with Rotary has also been integral to the program’s success. Much of the cost related to this program is the actual physical space. We are grateful to the Edmonton Catholic School District for providing space and bussing for their students, and to the Edmonton Public School Board for providing bussing and instrument donations for the program.