Spring Concert 2018-2019

March marks the coming of spring and with that... the YONA Spring Concert! This concert’s theme was "Folk Music" and in celebration of this, we heard music from all over the world. Our choir delighted us with songs in Creole, Sotho, and even a traditional tune from Newfoundland. Our world music tour continued with a stop in Cuba when our Wind Ensemble played an arrangement of Gloria Estafan's Let's Get Loud, a visit to the Appalachians with Appalachian Hymn played by our Intermediate Orchestra and a trip to the Middle East with Isma'a played by the La Bruyère Orchestra. This wonderfully eclectic concert left the audience breathless as the La Bruyère Orchestra  concluded the show by bringing us to Finland with Sibelius' Finlandia.

This concert was particularly special for the YONA community because it was the first YONA concert led by our new conductor Cosette Justo Valdes. We are so thrilled to welcome this incredibly passionate, kind, and musical person to our family and we are already learning so much from her. With her, we are already excitedly preparing for our next concert in June. We hope to see you there as we explore the magical world of “Film Music”!

Post by Jacquie Mcnulty, YONA Site Manager

Photos by Emily Parr

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