Kipohtakâw YONA Year End Concert

Tuesday, June 26th wraps up the year here at Kipohtakâw YONA with their first ever year-end concert. The 50 students here are joined by 8 senior students from the YONA-Sistema program to bring together a night of festivity. 

Guests are welcomed by a stunningly decorated gym at the Kipohtakâw Education Centre as well as an amazing feast all organized by members of the community. 

The program started with a drumming procession which led into the iconic Boil'em Cabbage performed by Kipohtakâw YONA students. Senior violins from YONA-Sistema then performed a duet they prepared by Pleyel followed by the YONA Medley featuring all the students together. Music concludes with the Red River Jig performed by YONA Teaching Artists featuring impromptu community jiggers!

Check out some photos taken during the event! 

Post by Nathan Chan, YONA Teaching Artist

Photos by Suzy Park

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