first day of YONA, 2017-2018

Monday, September 18th was our first official day back at YONA here at St. Alphonsus School. This year we welcome 85 students every day after school for three hours studying a variety of orchestral instruments. We are excited to welcome two new staff members to YONA: Ms. Sylvia as our Cello Teaching Artist and Mr. Adam as our Site Assistant.

Throughout this first day, anticipation was written on faces as students learned their new routines and met their new team mates. After a quick introduction, new students (and teachers!) were greeted by enthusiastic teammates through a specially-prepared puzzle activity led by Ms. Alyssa, our YONA Manager. Students were animated as they worked in teams to create and share a unique team cheer.  Of course, nothing concludes a YONA assembly better than a game of Funky Chicken, and that’s how we ended our time in the gym.

As returning students funneled into different classroom spaces, new students (and parents!) had their hands full building violas and basses out of cardboard and drums out of buckets. Students will use these hand-made instruments to learn a variety of songs that help build skills and knowledge in preparation for receiving a real instrument during a special graduation ceremony later this fall.

Enjoy these photos from our action packed first day!


post by Nathan Chan, YONA Teaching Artist

photos by D. T. Baker

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