june at YONA - part one

Phew! That's it, we've finished the fourth year of YONA. Our final month together was jam-packed with excitement!

Early in the month, we held a "Sparts" Day, a Friday afternoon when students could choose to either participate in sports or arts activities. Even though the weather kept us inside, we made the most of it and plan to hold regular "Sparts Days" throughout next year!

The following week, all 70 YONA students performed with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra as part of Road to Joy, our annual fundraising concert at the Winspear Centre. This event is always an extraordinarily exciting one for our students, their families, and for all of the YONA and ESO team!

The YONA students rehearsed with the ESO and then got to hang out with the ESO musicians for a while, playing get-to-know-you games (which quickly became quite competitive!) and eating pizza together. Then, they performed for an audience of more than 1200 people, who donated almost $200,000 towards the program. Every year, this event reminds us of how large and generous our YONA family is - thank you to everyone who came to support us!

Stay tuned for next week's blog post about the second half of June, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

post by Alyssa Paterson, YONA Manager
photos by Carmyn Joy Effa

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