YONA's boy band

Last week, our amazing photographer Carmyn came to visit YONA to capture some shots of various students in preparation for Road to Joy, our fundraising event on June 13th. 

We're putting together storyboards for the lobby for our patrons to read on their way in to the event. One such storyboard is being written about our very own YONA "boy band", a string quartet that came together this fall to make music as part of our weekly Chamber Music time that students can opt into. 

These four boys - Silver, Charles S., Michael, and Gerard - quickly bonded, playing the William Tell Overture at multiple public events and having a great time together. They began hanging out together beyond Chamber Music time as well, and now often play soccer together during break.

When Carmyn sent me the photos from the day she visited, I knew I had to get them up online. We can only use one or two in the lobby, and there are so many great shots here that really demonstrate the friendship between these boys as well as their own individual personalities!

Enjoy the photos, and we hope to see you at Road to Joy on June 13th, when these students and 70 more perform on-stage at the Winspear Centre with the ESO!  If you haven't yet got your free tickets, call the Winspear box office at 780-428-1414.

See you there!


post by Alyssa Paterson, YONA Manager
photos by Carmyn Joy Effa

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