Instrument Graduation 2017

Recently, two separate ceremonies have marked a milestone achievement for some of our YONA students. On October 23rd and November 6th, 2017, our 25 new YONA students earned their real instruments and played their first notes. This “Magical Musical Moment”, as we call it, is the result of many weeks spent mastering songs and demonstrating instrument fluency, care and respect.

It is customary for our woodwinds and brass students to have their instruments assigned through a special sorting hat ceremony. The day before their graduation ceremony, the students were led into their classroom where they are greeted by "Wizard" and Brass Teaching Artist Ms. Elaine. One by one they were called to sit under the sorting hat and receive a certificate letting them know which instrument had chosen them.

Check out these memories below, capturing the essence of excitement of our new graduates and the warm support given by their YONA family.

post by Nathan Chan, YONA Teaching Artist

photos by D. T. Baker, K. Kurelias & J. McNulty

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