another busy YONA week...

Hello YONA readers!

Here's a blog post from December that we drafted and missed publishing.  It should have been posted on December 14th, 2016!  Enjoy, and stay tuned for updates from this spring.

- The YONA Team


Last week was filled with more excitement at YONA!

On December 6th, our "boy band" string quartet, Silver, Charles S., Michael, and Gerard, performed as part of the Light Up the Winspear event at the Winspear Centre.  They did an excellent job, and got to visit with Marc de la Bruyère, who has supported YONA immeasurably throughout the past 3.5 years.

photos by Ryan Wiesner

Meanwhile, our woodwind and brass students prepared for their instrument graduation by practicing on their plastic horns and trombones and their cardboard flutes and clarinets.

photos by Carmyn Joy Effa

Then on December 7th they graduated from paper and plastic to their real instruments!  Here's a video of their first notes played together in a Magical Musical Moment!

video by Mahum Chaudhary

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