a visit from Meaghan Smith

This past month, we enjoyed welcoming Canadian Singer/Song-Writer Meaghan Smith to YONA. With her she brought music, paintings, and her philosophy on how art is connected to emotions.

Students listened to her sing and play her guitar, engaged with her in conversation about emotions, and reflected on how music has the power to inspire and express strong feelings. The YONA kids empathized with Meaghan’s teachings on how, as people, we all feel anger, fear, sadness, and happiness- and that all those emotions are ok. Her message inspired students and staff alike.

In order to encourage students to explore how music makes them feel, Meaghan played several pieces of music and asked the students to draw what they felt in response. Using oil pastels, students drew lines of red and dark circles of black when a “scary” piece of music was played. They chose dark shades of blue and purple when they expressed feeling sad during a melancholy piece. When “I Feel Good” by James Brown starting playing through the speakers, the kids picked up assorted shades of yellows, greens, and pinks as they drew whilst simultaneously dancing in their seats. Our kids are so good at multi-tasking!

The YONA family is very grateful for the time Meaghan Smith spent with us and we look forward to welcoming her back whenever she is in town again!

post by Jacquie McNulty, YONA Site Coordinator
photos by Carmyn Joy Effa

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