a trip to the Winspear Centre

The year 2014 ended with much joy, learning, and exploration. On December 17th, 2014, we brought all 41 of our students the Winspear Centre to discover what it and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO) were all about. We spent three hours at the Winspear Centre discovering how this sacred space allows ideas, creativity, and beauty to be shared through music.

We watched the ESO rehearse, which for some students, was their first experience seeing a full orchestra play live. While observing the ESO play, the students were challenged to make observations focused on instrument technique, ensemble playing, and the overall experience of listening to a full orchestra play.

Afterwards, our students were grouped according to their instrument and spent time with members of the ESO's string section!  Through this interaction with members of the orchestra, the students learned about instrument technique, musicality, and about life as a professional musician.

The students were inspired by these experiences and were unified in the excitement of what music had to offer them. It was a great day at the Winspear Centre for YONA. They even had the chance to decorate gingerbread men as a festive treat!

Please keep checking the YONA-Sistema blog as 2015 holds many more promises for excitement!


post by Jacquie McNulty
YONA Site Coordinator

photos by Carmyn Joy Effa

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