school's out!

Last Wednesday, YONA-Sistema concluded for the summer, and the kids spent the afternoon celebrating and enjoying each others' company. They took turns writing encouraging comments to one another on a "yearbook" page, played games in the gym, ate a special snack, received prizes for their achievements, and were given the opportunity to express their thoughts on the past year in a sharing circle.

Although there wasn't a dry eye when the afternoon concluded, we were quick to remind the students that only a number of weeks from now we'd be reunited and ready to welcome an additional twenty participants into the program. Many of the kids have shared how much they're looking forward to helping these new students grow as musicians, which will no doubt add yet another rewarding dynamic to the program. 

Have an amazing summer, YONA! We can't wait to see all of you in September, and hope you remember to practice at least a few times over the next couple of months. :) 

post and photos by Carmyn 
Community Relations Coordinator 

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