ESO debut

YONA-Sistema made their impressive debut on stage with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra at the final Education Concert for kindergarten to grade three students on May 9. YONA-Sistema Artistic Director Lucas Waldin (Mr. Lucas) conducted the performance, which made for a full and triumphant day for the musicians.

Their day at the Winspear Centre began with a quick run-through in the empty concert hall, followed by time for origami backstage while they waited their turn to take the stage. Miss Deborah’s guidance soon had three teams put together boxes made of folded paper – and they seemed pretty proud of the results. But then, it was time to get down to business. Violins were readied and tuned, and then it was time to take the stage for real!

With students from Mother Teresa School among a full house at the Winspear Centre, the YONA-Sistema students stood proudly (and nervously!) in front of the full Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, then presented Ode to Joy, accompanied by the ESO. And once Mr. Lucas gave the downbeat, the young musicians’ focus was razor-sharp, and each played their hardest. When the final measure was played, that’s when the smiles returned big time, and the well-deserved bows were taken.

The YONA-Sistema musicians took a major step forward performing with the ESO. Collaborating with other musicians requires extra effort and concentration to fully contribute to the final result, and they each deserve credit for how devoted they were to their task. They once again join the ESO June 12 for a special night called Road to Joy.

post by D.T. Baker - Associate Director, Educational Outreach
photos by D.T. Baker and Carmyn Joy Effa

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