YONA's first solo recital

On Wednesday afternoon, all twenty of our YONA-Sistema students participated in their very first solo recital. The pieces ranged in difficulty, and each student independently chose the piece they most wanted to perform for the audience comprised of their peers and a few visiting family members. The kids did a fantastic job, and the energy and enthusiasm for this accomplishment ran high. I particularly noticed how supportive each of the students were of each other - made evident through their attentiveness, words of encouragement, and hearty applause. Again, it was remarkable to witness the progress these students have made since receiving their violins merely three months ago. Wonderful job, YONA students! You and your families should be proud. :)

From the beginning, one of the goals we set out for this blog was to post updates from a variety of perspectives, including the students' own points of view.  Therefore, next week, we'll hear from one of our YONA participants - Lily - as she shares her thoughts on the recital, as well as the photographs she herself took of her performing classmates. We look forward to bringing Lily's unique outlook to you soon!

post and photos by Carmyn
Community Relations Coordinator

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