Opus fundraiser

All 41 of our YONA students had their public choral debut at the Winspear Centre this past November; it was a great success! They were joined by Tommy Banks in performing Hymn to Freedom, a piece arranged by Canadian Jazz icon Oscar Peterson that celebrates community and liberty. Together, our students and Tommy Banks conveyed a message of hope and resiliency to the audience attending this fundraising event. The performance successfully imparted a lasting impression of how ideas and love can change lives for the better. Through the choral growth of our budding instrumentalists, our students are discovering the power of music, words, and the human voice to inspire others to be a part of positive social change.

In addition to having fun on stage, our YONA kids and a staff had a blast backstage before the performance. While waiting in anticipation of the concert, we spent quality bonding time together playing games, drawing, and warming up. YONA is strengthened by these moments when we are all together as a community united by the desire to share and listen to one another. It’s moments like these when we feel like a family and the love for one another is deepened. 

We look forward to the many more performance opportunities we will have as a choir and orchestra!  Thank you to all of you who supported YONA through your donations and attendance at this event.


post by Jacquie McNulty
YONA Site Coordinator

photos by Carmyn Joy Effa

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