three weeks of violins

Today marks the outset of our 3rd full week with our real violins. It is amazing to watch the progress of all the YONA-Sistema students. We have come so far since our first “Magical Musical Moment” at the graduation ceremony. The paper instruments have clearly prepared them to begin their personal journey in learning to play real instruments. The teaching artists and I are working hard to build the children’s stamina, focus, and good violin technique. It is truly inspiring to watch the children help and encourage one another in class to have a beautiful sound, a solid bow grip, and great posture. Every time we give the class a chance to perform a solo for one another, each student is cheered on by their classmates. From this it is clear that the students are gaining confidence, social skills, and self-esteem. From now until Christmas break we will be diligently preparing repertoire for our Christmas concert. Stay tuned!
post by Amanda
Education Outreach Coordinator

photo by Carmyn
Community Relations Coordinator

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