day one at YONA

After months of dreaming and preparation and behind-the-scenes work, YONA-Sistema launched its first day at Mother Teresa Elementary School this evening. And was it ever an exciting and significant event to witness!

The program's twenty participating students, along with their parents, spent time carefully constructing and bedazzling cardboard violins tonight - surrogate instruments that the kids will learn to care for and properly hold until graduating to real violins in a few weeks' time. Stickers, string, white glue, and felt marker sketches of flowers and skulls and music notes were all in abundance. Before departing for the evening, each student was invited to the front of the class to show off their unique creation.

I'm really honoured and excited that I'll be present at the school, once a week, to photographically document the progress of this program. It only took a matter of minutes before I felt drawn to these kids and their stories, and I can't wait to share the many moments of joy, growth, and community that will come about as a result of this program. All best,

post and photos by Carmyn
Community Relations Coordinator

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